Fashion Freedom

Bring out the best in you! Wear the trend you want to try but aren’t sure if you want to buy.


Total flexibility

Truth is: your style, size and budget change over time. So why not have a closet that changes with it?


Smart closet

Imagine a closet having exactly what you want, taking no space and doing all your dry-cleaning.


Smaller footprint

Clothes end up in the back of closets or landfills. Power the sharing economy and rent instead.

  • Klozet Instant

  • $90/mo
  • You have a Plan? We have an Outfit!

    • Rent any outfit for 4 days
    • Reserve your outfit in advance
    • Spend Nickles, wear Fortunes
    • Free Shipping and Return

  • Klozet Inspire

  • $90/mo
  • Refresh your wardrobe monthly.

    • Order 4 new items every month
    • Rent each item for 4 days
    • Order upto 4 items at a time
    • Free Shipping & Insurance

  • Klozet Infinity

  • $90/mo
  • An endless closet for you.

    • Rent 3 Items at a time
    • Swap items as often as you want
    • Free Shipping & Insurance
    • Total Fashion Freedom!